Designing for iOS

ios specsIt seems I’m always looking up the iOS resolutions for various mobile projects, with the ever changing technology (hello iPhone 5 :). And I’ve found it really helpful to have all the specs in one place. If you’re always searching like me, feel free to download my cheat sheet. – Holly

Hello! Welcome to Picas and Pixels

Hello and welcome to Picas and Pixels, a new endeavor by Holly and Brittany, designers turned digital. We both started with print backgrounds and look to it for visual inspiration but primarily work in the digital space these days. Picas and Pixels was born out of  having an appreciation for both disciplines of visual design.

We want this blog to be about inspiring, teaching and creating. We’ll be sharing awesome resources that have helped us become better designers and creating goods of our own along the way. Who knows we might even create our own app (we do have some ideas in the works ;)

This is an exciting time to be a designer (esp in the tech industry), so let’s embrace it!

Holly & Brittany

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