Tech Wallpaper / 01

Wallpaper for your tech
We love pretty wallpapers and are excited to be creating some free goodies for your favorite tech devices. I love the holidays and couldn’t help but make this month a little holiday themed with a dash of Picas & Pixels. We have an abundance of sizes below to fit perfectly for any of your devices. Not sure which one to download for your desktop or laptop device? 1024×768 is generally a safe bet! And don’t forget to check back each month for new wallpaper downloads! -Holly

Downloads: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440 \  iPad  \ iPhone 4s \ iPhone 5
Click on any of the above sizes, right click the image to save to your favorite device, set to wallpaper and voila you have a new wallpaper!

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