Inspired by the dribbble community

dribbble typeI’ve been finding a lot of inspiration on dribbble lately. There are definitely some talented designers and illustrators uploading their work to the dribbble community. These are a few of my favorites this week (but not necessarily created this week by their respected designer). Be sure to browse dribbble if you haven’t done so already! -Holly

Designs clockwise: Moon Boots by Rokas Sutkaitis, Coolifornia by Friends of Type, Get Dough by Nick Slater, & We Make by Mary Kate McDevitt

Valentines / Chocolate Packaging

chocolatesHappy Valentine’s Day my friends! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite chocolate packaging designs in honor of today. -Holly

Moonstruck: I love the packaging illustration by Kate Forrester, but the really stellar part is the type and illustration molds she created for the chocolate itself. Almost makes you not want to eat it. (photo by Kate Forrester)

Theo: A Seattle classic, limited edition bar. Playful, hand-drawn type.

Chocolate Editions Paris: Because chocolate shouldn’t always come in browns and neutrals.

Amelia Rope: Color coordination are a designer’s best friend.

Chocolates with Attitude: Fun, round packaging, check out the whole series here.

Hello! Welcome to Picas and Pixels

Hello and welcome to Picas and Pixels, a new endeavor by Holly and Brittany, designers turned digital. We both started with print backgrounds and look to it for visual inspiration but primarily work in the digital space these days. Picas and Pixels was born out of  having an appreciation for both disciplines of visual design.

We want this blog to be about inspiring, teaching and creating. We’ll be sharing awesome resources that have helped us become better designers and creating goods of our own along the way. Who knows we might even create our own app (we do have some ideas in the works ;)

This is an exciting time to be a designer (esp in the tech industry), so let’s embrace it!

Holly & Brittany

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