Stamp It / 02

mike's custom library stampmike's custom library stampmike's custom library stampIt was only fitting to create a custom stamp for my younger brother as well (see the stamp I made for my sister here). We’re a family of book worms and every book deserves a pretty label. I took a manlier approach to the design of his stamp, bolder type and clean lines. Hopefully he’s off branding all his college textbooks, wait, right?. -Holly

Floss Everyday / Daily Dishonesty

floss-everydayim-over-itmessy-roomself-medicate-with-chocolateHave you discovered the Daily Dishonesty project by Lauren Hom? It makes me laugh every time I look at it. I’m sure we can all relate to at least a few of her posts (or maybe more ;). The thing that really makes them shine though is her hand-lettering. I think she does a great job of digitalizing her drawings, and love the textures and colors she uses. If you’re curious how she does it, be sure to check out her tutorial here.

Typography by Lauren Hom

Hello, clutch

clutch-openclutch-closedI was recently gifted a sewing machine (thanks Dad!) and have been trying my hand at making a few simple things. I found this clutch pattern on DesignSponge and decided to give it a go. It’s a pretty simple pattern even with the buttonhole (read: it was my first time sewing a buttonhole, so there’s nothing to it). Happy sewing! -Holly

Photos taken with my Nikon D3000

Tech Wallpaper / 02

snow-abstract-setOne of my favorite parts of winter is snow. It rarely snows in Seattle if but once a year, so that means I must take to the mountains. Lucky for us they’re only an hours drive away. Today’s wallpaper I call “Snow Abstract” and I hope it makes you feel closer to the mountains too! – Holly

Downloads: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440 \  iPad  \ iPhone
Click on any of the above sizes, right click the image to save to your favorite device, set to wallpaper and voila you have a new wallpaper!

Download past wallpapers.

Jason Trav: Persona

persona2  I discovered Jason Trav this week and wanted to share his Persona diptych series. Since 2007 he has been documenting people and the items they carry with them everyday. I just love how the objects reflect the personalities and styles of their owners. Be sure to look at the ongoing series on flickr, and don’t miss the squirrel!


All photos by Jason Trav.

Site Inspiration 01 / NYT Snowfall

NTY Snowfall Article
NYT Snowfall
The New York Times is doing a series on Snow Fall, and not only is the article a great read but the site is beautiful. I love how the paralaxing plays with timed animated gifs, videos and photos. My favorite section is probably the arial video of Cowboy Mtn, but that may be because I enjoy boarding at Steven’s Pass and seeing it birds eye is pretty cool!

I think it’s safe to say that paralaxing has become really popular this year. We all became familiar with it when Nike introduced their Nike Better World site. It appears to have since been taken down, but if you missed it check out Seth Weisfeld’s vimeo of the site. Have you come across any paralaxing sites that made you go wow? -Holly

View the article and site here.

Tech Wallpaper / 01

Wallpaper for your tech
We love pretty wallpapers and are excited to be creating some free goodies for your favorite tech devices. I love the holidays and couldn’t help but make this month a little holiday themed with a dash of Picas & Pixels. We have an abundance of sizes below to fit perfectly for any of your devices. Not sure which one to download for your desktop or laptop device? 1024×768 is generally a safe bet! And don’t forget to check back each month for new wallpaper downloads! -Holly

Downloads: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440 \  iPad  \ iPhone 4s \ iPhone 5
Click on any of the above sizes, right click the image to save to your favorite device, set to wallpaper and voila you have a new wallpaper!

Designing for iOS

ios specsIt seems I’m always looking up the iOS resolutions for various mobile projects, with the ever changing technology (hello iPhone 5 :). And I’ve found it really helpful to have all the specs in one place. If you’re always searching like me, feel free to download my cheat sheet. – Holly

Stamp It / 01

My sister, Heather, collects books and someday when she has a big enough place I know she will have a library of her own. In the meantime, I designed this stamp for her that says “La Biblioteque de Heather” (otherwise known as the Library of Heather). The hello stamp is just for fun. I’ve been thinking about creating more so stay tuned! – Holly

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