A Sunny Afternoon / Textile Swoon

A Sunny Afternoon CoI am swooning over Sarah Sherman Samuel‘s new line A Sunny Afternoon. As an occasional sewer I know from experience that beautiful fabrics are pretty hard to come by. The textiles Sarah designed are refreshingly beautiful, made up of simple geometric patterns with the occasional pop of color. I can’t help but fall in love with all the pretty black and white napkins and am definitely going to have to splurge for this triangles table runner. Her textile designs are certainly inspiring and leave me wondering about designing a couple fabrics myself (for personal projects of course). -Holly 

Products clockwise: Geometric napkins, Stripes tea towel, Triangles tea towel, & Mint Crosses napkins.
All images by Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio. Check out the product line at A Sunny Afternoon

Hand-lettering with Molly Jacques + Jackson Fish Market

#letteringladiesI had the honor of playing host to the talented Molly Jacques on behalf of Jackson Fish Market a couple weekends back. For those of you who don’t know, Jackson Fish Market (JFM) is the awesome software design agency /startup where I spend my 9-5 time. The ladies of JFM, being Jenny and I have been wanting to host an all ladies workshop in our studio for some time and were so excited when Molly agreed to come from Michigan to share her talents. The day was spent with a lovely group of women from various creative backgrounds. Molly taught us to find our own cursive alphabet style and how to apply that to something like a quote. We spent the better half of the day perfecting our quotes, drinking a little wine and getting to know each other. It was great to meet so many new ladies, and I was certainly impressed with everyone’s lettering skills! Again, a huge thanks to Molly for coming all the way from Michigan. She was immensely helpful and attentive to all our questions and wow she makes lettering look effortless. Also a thank you to all the wonderful ladies who joined us and to JFM for making it possible!

#letteringladies#letteringladies#letteringladiesgrouphoto#letteringladiesA handful of #letteringladies from instagram.
First row: @loveallthis, @cathiet
Second row: @hollydunning, @lalalasukis, @balue_c0
Third row: @paigepauli, @sophiemilton, @brittanystaten

Photos taken with my Nikon D3000
Group photo taken with my iPhone5
Edited with the VSCO Cam app

Vintage pencil sharpeners from Nostalgic Party / Wa letterpress cards from Pike Street Press



Ariele Alasko: brooklyn to west

ariele alaskoAriele Alasko. I have a total crush on her work. I recently started following her on Instagram, of course at the exact time she started making these beauties. Their forms, so pretty and seemingly delicate though I’m sure quite sturdy. I was instantly drawn to them and especially fascinated by the process (bottom two photos) of carving and sawing out the spoons.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ariele’s work at her studio brooklyn to west. Her art focuses on salvaged wood, making pieces for the home. I’d quite like to own one of her pieces … someday :) In the meantime it’s back to my father’s woodshop I go! Inspired I am.

All photos by Ariele Alasko on Instagram (@arielealasko)

Floss Everyday / Daily Dishonesty

floss-everydayim-over-itmessy-roomself-medicate-with-chocolateHave you discovered the Daily Dishonesty project by Lauren Hom? It makes me laugh every time I look at it. I’m sure we can all relate to at least a few of her posts (or maybe more ;). The thing that really makes them shine though is her hand-lettering. I think she does a great job of digitalizing her drawings, and love the textures and colors she uses. If you’re curious how she does it, be sure to check out her tutorial here.

Typography by Lauren Hom

Jason Trav: Persona

persona2  I discovered Jason Trav this week and wanted to share his Persona diptych series. Since 2007 he has been documenting people and the items they carry with them everyday. I just love how the objects reflect the personalities and styles of their owners. Be sure to look at the ongoing series on flickr, and don’t miss the squirrel!


All photos by Jason Trav.

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