Hello and welcome to Picas & Pixels, a new endeavor by Holly Dunning & Brittany Staten, two Pacific Northwest (aka Seattle) designers. We focus on branding, ui/ux, mobile and development. Picas and Pixels is a space for inspiration, resources and personal creations. Please follow along and get to know us!

Holly Dunning is a designer at Jackson Fish Market. She has a robust cat named Mylee, loves baking, and enjoys adventuring outdoors when she’s not on her computer. Read all posts by Holly, or follow her on pinteresttwitter or instagram.

Brittany Staten is a designer at Carezone. She has a little long-haired wiener dog named Stella who gets in no trouble whatsoever, loves watercolor painting and a never ending supply of coffee. Read all posts by Brittany, or follow her on pinteresttwitter or instagram.

Questions? Looking for a designer? Just want to chat about baking? Say hi at hello@picasandpixels.com.


How did you come up with the name Picas & Pixels?
For us Picas & Pixels is the perfect combination of visual design, mixing the print (picas) with the digital (pixels). Picas are the standard measurement in print design, where as pixels is the standard measurement for anything digital. Having worked in both fields, we appreciate aspects from either side.

I noticed there’s two main bloggers, why’s that?
We chose to do Picas & Pixels together because we each have different things to offer. While we both love designing and the internet, Brittany can nerd out on some of the development side of things while Holly enjoys more of the visuals.

More to come …

(Top photo by Andrew Deem)